Menopause is a taboo, not a disease

Written by Steven mark

PSYCHOLOGY – The end of menstruation should not be experienced as a pathology but as a stage in life.

Through Segolene Barbé

“Today, we still see menopause as a problem, not a natural stage in women’s lives.” Pinel drawing

At the start of her menopause, Marie-Agnès, 59, felt “Anger, the impression of falling into something”which we should have prepared but which we had never really spoken to. In the documentary Menopause, broadcast on September 29 on France 2, seven women aged 51 to 62 are breaking the taboo around this stage of their life often lived in shame and loneliness … “It was not easy to find women ready to testify with their faces uncovered, admits journalist Blandine Grosjean, co-author of the documentary (with Joëlle Oosterlinck). Famous women can testify to the sexual violence they have suffered, or even to incest, but no one will want to talk about their menopause: to talk about it is to say that we are old, more attractive, good to discard … “

How can we explain the negative look that society often places on women over 50? Menopause is first and foremost a social construct, according to sociologist Cécile Charlap, who has devoted

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