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Anti-vaccine demonstrators in front of the Ministry of Health, in Paris, in September 2017.

Three vaccine candidates over 90% effective announced in just a few days. This could have blown an optimistic breeze on a confined France. Instead, a debate is already agitating the political class: should the vaccine against the Covid-19 be made compulsory? Behind this question is the fear that a large part of the population will refuse vaccination. According to an Odoxa-Dentsu Consulting survey published in mid-November, if a vaccine against Covid-19 was put on the market, 50% of French people would not use it.

Opposition to vaccination is as old as its invention, as Pasteur’s correspondence reveals. November 5, 1964, The world reports on an exhibition dedicated by the Bibliothèque de France to the inventor of the rabies vaccine. In a letter he “Opposes the insults of the anti-vaccine and anti-vivisectionist leagues and their ladies in green hats this quiet” No, they will not succeed in disturbing me “”, writes Jean Couvreur for whom the ” common sense “ and the“Stubbornness” that make great scientists. Everyone will judge whether the antivaccines have the first quality, but no one can deny them the second. The slightest misstep in vaccination will be tirelessly exploited to discredit the entire process.

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At the end of 1968, Alain Renard, 23, died in a Parisian hospital. “A true human wreck, he had lived for eighteen years in extremely painful physical and moral conditions, caused by encephalitis which had followed a triple vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and typhoid fever. [alors obligatoire en France] “, relates, on March 25, 1969, the journalist and doctor Claudine Escoffier-Lambiotte.

“Vaccine freedom” against “collective responsibility”

Next for The World medical news, she recalls that Alain Renard’s mother, Ms. Kermagoret, has been leading for several years “An information campaign in the newspapers to demand freedom from vaccinations” : “I will fight, and that with all my strength, so that as quickly as possible this monstrous subject of vaccine obligations, this form of legal crime, is public, so writes the mother. In fact, vaccinations are much more dangerous than the diseases they claim to protect you from. “

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