Brigitte Bourguignon, minister in tandem for more autonomy

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Round table with the Minister Delegate for Autonomy, Brigitte Bourguignon, and representatives of home help associations, in Lumbres (Pas-de-Calais), July 18.

Cape Gris-Nez beaten by the waves. Brigitte Bourguignon hung this single photo of the Côte d’Opale cliff in her new office at the Ministry of Health, located on the same floor as Olivier Véran’s. LRM deputy of the 6e constituency of Pas-de-Calais, the minister delegate in charge of autonomy made her mark discreetly in early July in the government of Jean Castex. With the firm intention of wearing “The great social reform of the five-year term”, one that will take charge of the loss of autonomy linked to old age, promised by Emmanuel Macron in June 2018 and constantly postponed.

A project “Immense”, according to Mr. Véran. So much so that the Minister of Solidarity and Health would not have refused to keep the upper hand on a subject close to his heart. “We will both wear it “, she slips mischievously. Minister Delegate under her tutelage, she knows that she is going to have to play with her elbows. It immediately opts for the strategy of complementarity. “I was not made to come and sit on a branch! “, smiles the one who has just left the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, which she had chaired since June 2017.

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The creation of a fifth branch of Social Security devoted to autonomy, an initiative of Mr. Véran, voted on July 23, is “Historical”, she says. But the politics of autonomy is not just a financial issue. It’s first “A social subject”, register on which she knows she is much more comfortable.

Being Minister of Autonomy, for example, means ensuring that “Residents in nursing homes no longer have to wait an hour before being put on the toilet. It is about fighting so that society allows everyone to belong to themselves until the end of their life “. In a word, she theorizes, “Is to have the worry of the dignity of each person ”.

Upgrading of old age professions

The myriad of government reports and parliamentary work on old age in recent years all alert to “institutional abuse” caused by the insufficient number of caregivers in residential facilities for dependent elderly people (Ehpad). Mr. Véran promised “1 billion euros extra” in the next Social Security finance bill (PLFSS), devoted to the new autonomy branch. Part will be devoted to increasing the staff of nursing homes, he said. “The supervision rates must be revised very significantly upwards”, hammers Mme Bourguignon.

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