Has containment changed your relationship to noise? tell us

Written by Steven mark

Presented as a return to “normal life”, deconfinement has also signaled the return of noise, particularly in large cities. According to Bruitparif, the body responsible for measuring noise pollution, Ile-de-France had recorded during confinement a reduction of 60 to 90% in noise emissions. Since then, noise pollution has started to rise again in early April, but has not returned to normal.

The attention paid to the sound environment will surely be accentuated “, warned Fanny Mietlicki and the director of Bruitparif, knowing that almost all French people suffer from noise pollution. “Noise is a nuisance that is not sufficiently taken into account, when it is a public health problem. The brain needs silence to regenerate. It’s a basic biological need , commented neuroscientist Michel Le Van Quyen, in an interview with World.

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How did your perception of noise evolve during confinement? What sound environment do you live in? How did you experience the period of confinement? Did you hear new sounds? How did you experience this evolution? How has this situation evolved since the end of confinement? Are you more attentive to noise than before? Are you planning to move to another place because of the noise?

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