doctors cry out for “betrayal”

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A protester outside Robert Debré Hospital in Paris on June 25.

A “Ice shower”, a “Slap”… The union representatives of hospital doctors did not have strong enough words, Monday, June 29 at the end of the afternoon, to express their disappointment and their anger after the proposals for salary increases made earlier by the Minister of health Olivier Véran as part of the “Ségur de la Santé”.

This moody movement comes on the eve of a new national day of action organized by most hospital unions and collectives, Tuesday, June 30, four days before the end of the “Ségur”, now announced for Friday.

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After having proposed last week 6 billion euros to revalorize the wages of nurses, nursing assistants and technical and administrative personnel, the government proposed, Monday, an envelope of 300 million euros for some 100,000 hospital medical personnel.

Union representatives, who had formulated a 6 billion or 7 billion euro plan, did not expect a proposal below 1 billion. Listening to the minister on Monday afternoon, they claim to have fallen from above. “It’s totally appalling: what is on offer is totally insufficient, it’s not with this kind of measuring device that we are going to refound the public hospital”, assures Jacques Trevidic, the president of Action Praticien Hôpital (APH).

“We are on a dusting”

In a statement, published Monday evening, the national union of hospital anesthetists-resuscitators extended to other specialties (SNPHARE) denounces the “Betrayal of the Ségur de la santé” and recalls that“Not a week goes by [sans apprendre] the departure of one or more colleagues from their establishments. ” The union highlights the phenomenon of “Pure and simple flight from the public hospital to a greener grass elsewhere: better working conditions, better defined, less arduous working hours, better remuneration, more flexible and horizontal governance, recognition. “

While nearly a quarter of hospital practitioner positions are not filled by incumbents, due to a lack of candidates, Olivier Véran’s plan includes several mechanisms to enhance attractiveness.

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For example, the public service commitment indemnity for doctors who do not work in private hospitals is increased by 20%. For practitioners with more than fifteen years of seniority, the compensation would drop from 700 to 900 euros gross, or 200 euros gross (approximately 115 euros net). The unions demanded 1,000 euros net for all. Another measure on the table: a 20% revaluation of the amount of weekend and holiday guards. “This should represent 30 euros more on a guard, which will drop to around 200 euros gross”, calculates Jean-François Cubien, vice-president of APH and president of Avenir Hospitalier (AH). Recalling that some temporary doctors can earn 2,000 to 2,500 euros by carrying out 24-hour duty, the doctor considers that the weakness of the revaluations proposed “Will acuitiser the departure of hospital doctors. After the summer, people will leave to do temporary work … ”

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